March 30, 2023

Transforms Quality Assurance Processes

WAM DevTech, an application development company, faced challenges in delivering high-quality, bug-free code for their clients. This case study discusses how partnering with a1qa, a renowned QA expertise company, significantly improved WAM DevTech's QA processes and enabled them to deliver better quality applications for both web and mobile platforms.


WAM DevTech specializes in developing applications for various platforms, including web applications and mobile applications for iPad and iPhone. Despite their expertise, the company faced difficulties in providing high-quality, bug-free code to their clients when releasing new applications or introducing major enhancements.


The primary challenges faced by WAM DevTech were:

  • 1

    Inefficient QA processes that led to missed bugs and defects.

  • 2

    Difficulty in maintaining the quality of code for new releases and major enhancements.

  • 3

    Lack of a proper regression testing process.

What we did

WAM DevTech partnered with a1qa, a company with expertise in quality assurance, to improve their QA processes dramatically. A1qa implemented the following solutions to overcome the challenges faced by WAM DevTech:

  • 1
    Comprehensive QA Strategy

    A1qa developed a comprehensive QA strategy that covered all aspects of the application development lifecycle. This strategy ensured that all potential issues were identified and addressed before deployment to production.

  • 2
    Regression Testing

    A1qa implemented regression testing into the QA process, which allowed for the systematic identification and resolution of issues that could arise from code changes or enhancements.


By partnering with a1qa, WAM DevTech achieved the following results:

  • 1

    Significant reduction in the number of bugs and defects in the final code.

  • 2

    Enhanced quality of code for new releases and major enhancements.

  • 3

    Faster time-to-market for applications, as the improved QA processes reduced the time spent on fixing issues and retesting.

  • 4

    Increased client satisfaction due to the higher quality and reliability of the applications developed by WAM DevTech.

  • 5

    Improved overall reputation of WAM DevTech in the industry, as the company was now consistently delivering high-quality, bug-free applications.


The partnership between WAM DevTech and a1qa proved to be highly beneficial, as it dramatically improved the quality of the applications developed and deployed to production. The implementation of robust QA processes, including regression testing, automation, and continuous improvement, enabled WAM DevTech to overcome their challenges and deliver high-quality, bug-free code to their clients. This case study serves as a testament to the value of strategic partnerships and the importance of quality assurance in application development.