GSA IT Schedule

WAM DevTech is a trusted provider of IT services to government agencies, with a strong track record of delivering high-quality solutions. We are an approved GSA IT Schedule 70 contractor and a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) holder, ensuring that our clients benefit from streamlined procurement processes and competitive pricing.

GSA Contract Details

  • GSA Contract Number: 47QTCA19D009X

  • Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Holder


  • 54151S - Information Technology Professional Services

GSA IT Schedule 70 Contractor

As an approved GSA IT Schedule 70 contractor, we hold a trusted position to provide high-quality IT services to federal, state, and local government agencies. This status demonstrates our commitment to excellence, competitive pricing, and streamlined procurement processes.

Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Holder

Our company is also a schedule holder of the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS), which further emphasizes our ability to deliver a wide range of services tailored to meet the unique needs and objectives of government organizations.

We are also registered on the System for Award Management (SAM), maintaining the highest standards of compliance and transparency in our operations. Our expertise in various programming and application development areas, such as AWS, ColdFusion, React, Node.js, and iOS, combined with our strong credentials, make us an ideal partner for government organizations seeking reliable and innovative technology solutions.